Festivals of interest

The city's best-known customs and traditions.

  • The 'Mariquelo' on 1st November, when a person climbs to the weathervane of the cathedral to commemorate the earthquake in Lisbon in 1755.
  • Las Aguedas, on 5th February, Married Women's Day.
  • Semana Santa (Easter), which has been declared of Regional Touristic Interest.
  • Lunes de Aguas, the Monday after Easter Monday, the festival marking the beginning of springtime.
  • The Fiestas de la Virgen de la Vega and San Mateo, from 8th to 21st September, with the Feria Taurina, Agrícola and Ganadera (Bullfighting, Agriculture and Livestock Festival).
  • San Juan de Sahagún, the patron saint's day, with processions of people in giant masks, charades and drums.


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